Working at Newlind Hurst

Working at Newland Hurst

At Newland Hurst we have a small but very dedicated and valued team of people that support the people who live here. There is a sense of fun as well as responsibility which helps to make Newland Hurst a warm, friendly, caring and happy place for both our residents and the people that work here.

The majority of the team have been here for many years, providing continuity for the people who use the service and helping to ensure that people are supported by staff that they know very well. We don’t use agency staff at Newland Hurst and don’t plan to do so in the future, so we have to make sure that we support and treat our staff team well in terms of fairness, transparency, training, salary, conditions, and, of course, fun.


The staff team is fully involved in the running of Newland Hurst. With regular meetings and supervisions we discuss what is working well and what is not working so well in order to improve the lives of the people we support and the conditions in which the team carry out their role. We believe that we cannot truly accomplish person-centered support for the residents without having an equally person-centered team which feels valued, trusted and respected.

“We cannot truly accomplish person-centered support for the residents without having an equally person-centered team”